Raking the leaves in the autumn season, trimming the hedges or mowing the lawn in the hot summer days, and other do-it-yourself yard care throughout the year can be tiring but rewarding for many people. If you are starting to take a personal approach to your lawn care, it is important to choose a lawn mower that will help you cleanly mow your lawn and meet your specific landscaping needs. Lawn mowers, in general, should have easy handling for you, posses safety features like safety keys and blade brakes, and offer brand reliability and a great warranty. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you search for your lawn mower:


Maintenance is an important part of your lawn mower’s total cost. While the initial cost may be a bargain, if there are ongoing maintenance costs with a specific lawn mower, you may want to look into​ other options. A gas-powered lawn mower requires a lot of maintenance to ensure it will function properly for years to come. Expect to change oil, air filter and spark plugs occasionally; also, gas will be a regular expense. Electric lawn mowers, cordless or otherwise, require less maintenance than gas lawn mowers. For instance, if your lawn mower is battery-powered, you can expect to change its battery every three years.

Another part of maintenance is the question of whether or not your lawn mower uses a mulch, discharge or bag system to collect the lawn clippings as it cuts your lawn. Some mowers eject the clips from the side or back of the mower as it cuts the grass, while a mulch system cuts the grass clippings into even tinier pieces and discards them. Bagged lawn mowers are the most popular option, due to the relatively easy system for discarding grass clippings.


Ergonomics deals with the issue of how well you work with the lawnmower​. For instance, being able to adjust the mower deck automatically will possibly save your back and make cutting the lawn a breeze. There are also many self-propelled lawn mowers that may help you avoid overexerting yourself in heavily overgrown yards. Some lawn mowers also come equipped with relatively quiet motors, allowing you to cut your own lawn and keep your hearing!

Property type

Your property may also be a factor in determining what kind of lawn mower would best suit you. As an example, hover lawn mowers are used on golf courses and other commercial landscapes. If you have a large plot of land, a riding lawn mower will be the ideal machine to help you maintain your lawn! Additionally, if your land is on the rugged side, consider getting a mower with larger rear wheels. Find the mower that is perfect for your lawn or property and you will reap the benefits every time you mow your lawn!

Take care of your lawn!

There is nothing like seeing your well-kept lawn as you pull up to your home. Using a lawn mower that matches your property, is ergonomical, and meets your maintenance expectations will make caring for your yard a delight! If your life is too busy to take proper care of your yard, Clean Cut Landscaping will be more than happy to assist you in keeping your yard trimmed and beautiful. Contact Clean Cut to learn how we can help you with your yard care!